Saturday, 22 November 2014

Want to be Unforgettable?? Start with your WARDROBE.....

Coco Chanel once said ' The badly dressed woman, people remember the dress; with a well dressed woman, they remember the woman'. 
I say, for a fabulously dressed woman, people remember the DRESS and the WOMAN; For a badly dressed woman, you are simply FORGOTTEN.

For a working woman in this competitive era of work and business, you can't afford to just be well dressed. In the nature of my work, being well dressed and turning up is just not good enough - being badly dressed is not an  option. Making a difference is not about what you say no more but how you say it. It's not about what you wear but how you wear it. It's not about how you look but how you carry yourself.  Being fabulous requires being a step ahead from yesterday, being better than yesterday..enhancing your personal and professional image.  While we  should spend a lot of time developing ourselves to be better at our jobs; remember it's even more important to also spend more time on the things that will open the doors initially for you, so that once you're in, what you know will keep you in. 

I say this all the time, and I'll never stop because it works for me and  thousands of women across the globe. Identifying with an image that is beyond okay and on the realms of fabulous is a door opener. Pick your wardrobe pieces wisely. Let it identify with who you want to be. Let it be distinct enough to make you unforgettable. Let your wardrobe speak for you...remember it takes only a few seconds to make a first impression. Being well dressed is not good enough, to be irreplaceable you have got to be different. 

While working away recently, I met a group of students who recalled meeting me at their school. I asked if they were sure it was me, they could even remember the dress I wore. That was confirmation for me that I am making the right wardrobe choices. I trust my judgement and I want you not to stop trusting me. I wish to be on the journey of professional success with you my readers. I won't stop encouraging you to always look your best, because you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Remember the rule...'every piece you add to your wardrobe should be able to enhance/change your life'.  As are some picks - I call them life changers that could make a difference....As always fab xx

1. Coast Polka Dot Queens Shell Top was £40 now £29 2. Coast Red Aliba Top £55 3. Coast Queens Shell Top £35
1. M&S Crepe Trim Jacket £49.50 2. M&S Crepe Trim Mini Skirt £27.50 

1. M&S Pin Dot Print Top £29.50 2. M&S Pin Dot Flippy Mini Skirt £29.50 

1. M&S Buttonsafe Spotted Jacket £59 2. M&S Spotted Mini Skirt £35

1. M&S Contrast Trim Jacket £49.50 2. M&S Pleated Front Pencil Skirt £27.50 

1.Hobbs Invitation Posey Dress £169 2. Hobbs Mari Dress was £139 now £69 3. Hobbs Eaton Dress £169

1. M&S Diamond Bodycon Dress £45 2. M&S Colour Block Tunic Shift Dress £45 3. M&S Pinstriped Collared Shift Dress £45

Oasis Pearl Jumpsuit £55

Karen Millen Platform Patent Peeptoe £140

Karen Millen Point Toe Court Shoe £125

Sunday, 25 May 2014

10 Top Wardrobe & Shopping Tips ....To a More Confident YOU!

Monday, 21 April 2014

If Success Was A Dress.........Spotlight: Hobbs Sale Ending Tonight.

If success was a dress:
* It wouldn't have loose threads
* It would be perfectly cut
* It would stand out for all the right reasons
* It would make anyone look good
* It will open doors for you
* It can give you the life you want
* It has power to influence
* It will be a Hobbs dress

Hobbs Invitation Audley Dress was £149 now £74

Hobbs Tamara Dress was £149 now £119

Hobbs Invitation Snowdonia Dress was £179 now £125

Hobbs Invitation Avedon Dress was £139 now £79

Hobbs Gable Dress was £119 now £79

Hobbs Afia Dress was £159 now £79

Hobbs Mari Dress was £139 now £93

Hobbs Austen Dress was £159 now £99

Hobbs Savannah Dress was £89 now £59

Hobbs Webber Dress was £159 now £75

Hobbs Twitchill Dress was £129 now £86

Hobbs Savina Dress was £129 now £70

Hobbs Invitation Harriet Dress was £199 now £59

Hobbs Madox Dress was £99 now £75

Hobbs Mildway Dress was £169 now £84

Hobbs Invitation Clemency Corset was £110 now £55

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Happy International Women's Day ......An unfinished business still awaits us all...........

Achieving equality for women and girls "the great unfinished business of the 21st century" - Hillary Clinton 
A working woman would agree that the fight for gender equality in the workplace is a battle still on-going. This is evident when you look at statistics on gender pay gaps and the few number of females present in high level positions, this will shed light to the gender inequality that still exists.

 The fight for women's right rests on the shoulders of every woman. Failing to educate each other leaves us at our own peril.  When you were born, every one screamed 'It's a girl' before anything else. You are a woman before anything else, and uniting to empower and educate a girl is a mission worth venturing. Thanks to the many women who have fought for our rights, we have come a long way, many countries further than some in liberating women from the claws of man made rules, that hinder rather than empower. 

In fashion, not until after world war I did women have the right to wear comfortable clothes. Women could now venture into education and gradually putting an end to the time when women wore girdles, sat at home and marry early. We have a lot to thank fashion pioneers such as Coco Chanel for liberating women, starting from their wardrobes and changing their roles in society. She introduced the use of  Jersey fabric for comfort clothing, classic jewellery, the trousers and most legendary - 'the little black dress'. She made women classy again, dressing from a woman's point of view and not what the society thought a woman should dress like. We had the right to choose and dress as individuals, many more have come through the ranks and liberated us, teaching us how to dress as individuals. 

We need to continue to push the boundaries, we should set the boundary! We are beautiful and intelligent as women, we are also capable of doing anything a man can do.  That knowledge is the  beginning of freedom. 

I've been away travelling for a while and haven't had the time to post those beautiful pieces that help you take the world by a storm. There's nothing as beautiful as a woman trying to look like one. Being a woman is in itself powerful. As we celebrate the woman, here are some fabulous work dresses that flatter our womanly curves and can make any woman beautiful. Shop fab!

Dresses from Marks and Spencer
1. Checked Bodycon Dress £45 2. Red Zip Front Shift Dress £49.50   3.Block Shift Dress £45

Dorothy Perkins Spotty 2in1 Dress £25

Dorothy Perkins 2in1 Dress £25

1. Hobbs Invitation Mayflower Dress £169 2. Hobbs Invitation Lucia Dress £169 3. Hobbs Invitatio Snowdonia Dress £179

1. Reiss Grey Shift Dress now £89 2. Reiss Venna Neon Orange Shift dress now £126 3. Reiss Bianca Black Dress £179

Dresses from L.K Bennett

1. Jelica Tuck Shoulder Shift Dress now £150 2. Agra Tweed Dress £245 3. Madrid Jacquard Dress £245

1. Detroit Fitted Dress £225 2. Detroit Fitted Dress Blue £225 3. Puno Silk Print Mix Dress £225

Dresses from Karen Millen

1. Orange Crepe Shift Dress £180 2.Pink Crepe Shift Dress £180 3. Graphic Stripe Shift Dress £160
Dresses from Marks and Spencer

1. Contrast Panel Shift Dress £45 2. Textured Tweed Block Shift Dress £49.50 3. Colour Block Bodice Dress £45

1. Per Una Faux Snakeskin Print Dress £99 2. Abstract Print Belted Dress £39.50 3. Drop Pocket Shift Dress £45

Dresses from L.K. Bennett
1. Jama Flared Skirt Dress £245 2. Embu Embellished Sleeveless Dress £345 3. Sativie Colour Block Shift Dress £195
Options for work dinner parties....

1. Narni Embellished Neckline Dress now £145 2. Davinia Diamante Dress now £195 3. Paolina Ponti and Silk mix Dress now £145

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014: Grow Your Goals...Dream Big This Year!!

It's 2014, a new year and a chance to re-evaluate for a new beginning. Last year we had a slogan to 'reach for Gold, Goals and Growth' ...It was about identifying what you really wanted out of life (Gold), map out your to-do list(Goals) on how to achieve it, with the ultimate objective of achieving personal growth.  

We promised to be on that journey with you, we were doing the same. I'm in the business of developing people. I spent the most of last year in Africa encouraging young people to push their boundaries, access quality education and be who they want to be. Developing myself to be a positive role model to these young people is my imperative. 

This year our new slogan is to 'Grow your Goals'. Don't sit easy within your comfort zone. Push your boundaries and be expansive. Dream big and set goals that are so big and excitable it motivates you to reach out and achieve it.  

Finally, look great at it! It sets the tone, get your wardrobe ready for the Job or the life you want. It's 50% of what you need. When getting ready for something big like an interview, I put in as much time into my wardrobe as I do into preparing for the interview, it's just as important and at times even more important. It takes but a few seconds for people to draw conclusions or build impressions about you. It's how you look that does it. Pay closer attention  to the clothes you own, the shoes you own, the colours you wear and of course your accessories and your personal hygiene. Then top it up with how you carry it all. The way you talk, smile and walk will bring it all together. This will form your charisma, your ultimate IMAGE.   

'Grow your Goals'....I'll be on the journey with you. I can help you build a fantastic image by sharing with you those wardrobe pieces, style advise that's as big enough as your goals. Subscribe to this blog...let's be part of your journey!

Dress from Warehouse

Dress from Dorothy Perkins

Dress from FCUK
Dress from Karen Millen

Happy New Year and stay FAB xxx

Monday, 30 December 2013

Spotlight : Shop Smart at the Monsoon Sale...up to 50% off

'SALE SALE SALE'....Excited yet??? Well we're not. Rumours have it they are not as cheap as they claim. Shoppers have taken to social media sites to express their disappointment at the supposed marked down sales on the high street. They claim prices were more expensive than they were before Christmas or cheaper's time to wake up and smell the 'Cafe Latte'. 

What I am trying to say is, take your time and shop smart this sale. Make sure you are splashing out what you should. Planning your yearly wardrobe normally starts now and we are here to ensure you make choices that will change your life. Let's go on this journey with you. Subscribe to the blog to make sure you don't miss any of our carefully selected sale pieces that are worth getting into a fabulous woman's wardrobe. 

The spotlight today is on Monsoon. They stock nicely tailored pieces that add value to any wardrobe. A working woman enjoys the pleasure of other activities outside work such as cocktail parties, client meetings/dinners, conference dinners, social occasions, holidays among others. A fabstar should always have a fabulous piece for every occasion. Here are some selected pieces from Monsoon that can cater fabulously for your work and social life. 

Achieve the slimming effect to work with this Monsoon tailored dress.....
Monsoon Tally Texture Dress was £69 now £34.50

Throw on your blazer and courts for a work classic, or accessorise  with a necklace, wear sandals and carry a clutch for your work dinner party...
Monsoon Florian Print Dress was £69 now £34.50 
Hot and ready for a night on the tiles with your colleagues.....
Monsoon Enid Machine Lace Sequin Dress was £69 now £49

 Office lunch or dinner party???

Monsoon Winona Short Dress was £109 now £54.50
 Office conference dinner or cocktail dinner....
Monsoon Ava Maxi Dress was £9 now £49.50
  Cocktail party.....
Monsoon Audrey Cocktail Dress was £139 now £69.50
 Dress it up or down as you wish, work, night time or holiday glamour.
Monsoon Remy Tunic was £69 now £34.50

 Wear comfortably inside your work Jacket or casually on holiday and weekends.
Dahlia Metal Work Top was £39 now £19.50
For these and much more visit and shop smart!